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A Small Family Teaching Farm
  06 May 2016
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340 Wilson Hill Road in Colrain

Saturday April 16th will be our new Spring Farm and Fiber Day.

Demonstrations by farmers and guest artists- lots of gorgeous fiber to buy- food to taste.  And always animals to schmooze with.  Fiber demonstrations will be spinning, weaving and needle felting. Farm demonstrations will be shearing an angora (mohair) goat or two, harvesting angora fiber from a contented rabbit, seeing a border collie herd ducks and skirting a sheep fleece.

The farm will be open from 9:30 until 4:30.  Demo times are posted below the sheep photo.









9:30 spinning (wheel & spindle)

10:00 herding ducks (with collies)

10:30 shearing angora goat

11:00 weaving, by Emily Walsh Gwynn

12:15 tastes of farm sausages

12:30 ducklings and chicks

1:00 skirting fleece

1:30 goat shearing

2:00 needle felting, by Nina Martin-Anzuoni

3:30 grooming & spinning a rabbit

4:00 herding ducks





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Some old and some new farm photos.


As of noon on April 14th, we've 13 very quickly growing ducklings and 14 chicks.


The lamb count is now 16, with Tracy still to lamb.  The ewes got lots of exercise this winter (easier when snow isn't deep- and fortunately the glare ice went away in time), so deliveries were easy.  All are well. 




The farm is open for programs, open farms and sales by appointment.....click here for more info

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